Saturday, October 1, 2011

gig 'em!

My precious little sister started her freshman year of college at Texan A&M this year. I could not be more proud of her! Some the best memories I have from college include going all out for the Saturday football games. We had so much fun making shirts, painting our faces, and being part of the Baylor Line! Soooo.... this year for her birthday I made a college football survival kit. As hard as this is to say.... GIG 'EM!

I created a box to hold memories, a large quilt for those chilly Fall games, and crazy shoes. I also included face-paint and t-shirt paint. It would be cute to include ribbons for the girls to tie in their hair, but I couldn't find any A&M Maroon here in Chicago.

I made these ridiculous shoes, but hey you are suppose to look crazy at football games riiiight?
I did it! ;)

Hello, 2002 french manicure. HA!

I use this tutorial to make a super soft, faux chenille blanket. The back is incredibly soft with tons of texture. I used six layers of flannel and a solid Kona cotton under the flannel that was not cut. I like that it hides the backside of the printed cotton face. I have to warn you this takes a TON of thread. For the first time, I used up an entire spool of thread on one project... and then proceeded to use TWO more. For a total of three large spools. Stock up so you don't run out at midnight trying to finish the quilt!

I love you sweet girl!