Saturday, October 1, 2011

gig 'em!

My precious little sister started her freshman year of college at Texan A&M this year. I could not be more proud of her! Some the best memories I have from college include going all out for the Saturday football games. We had so much fun making shirts, painting our faces, and being part of the Baylor Line! Soooo.... this year for her birthday I made a college football survival kit. As hard as this is to say.... GIG 'EM!

I created a box to hold memories, a large quilt for those chilly Fall games, and crazy shoes. I also included face-paint and t-shirt paint. It would be cute to include ribbons for the girls to tie in their hair, but I couldn't find any A&M Maroon here in Chicago.

I made these ridiculous shoes, but hey you are suppose to look crazy at football games riiiight?
I did it! ;)

Hello, 2002 french manicure. HA!

I use this tutorial to make a super soft, faux chenille blanket. The back is incredibly soft with tons of texture. I used six layers of flannel and a solid Kona cotton under the flannel that was not cut. I like that it hides the backside of the printed cotton face. I have to warn you this takes a TON of thread. For the first time, I used up an entire spool of thread on one project... and then proceeded to use TWO more. For a total of three large spools. Stock up so you don't run out at midnight trying to finish the quilt!

I love you sweet girl!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

we can dance if we want to

I do NOT have a green thumb. I've never really been able to keep plants alive in my apartment. So I thought I would try out a terrarium. Plus, I love the idea of an apothecary jar as a sweet little plant habitat.

A couple of pieces of beach glass (not visible just to hold down the mesh)
Activated Charcoal

*You could use a layer or rocks here. Basically you need something to keep the charcoal from floating up through the soil like perlite does in a potted plant. I could not find small dark river rocks.

FYI- These two plants are not friends.... one thrived. The other suffered a sad, beautiful death. No really, it was beautiful. The poor plant turned the most gorgeous shade of midnight black. I finally had to pull him out when I gave in to the fact he was dead not just going for "elegant". I think it might have been root rot, don't really know. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

christmas morning tradition

Every year I look forward to these little treats my grandmother {Nono} makes for Christmas morning. She always makes these cheese balls as well as sausage balls, the good ol' Bisquick recipe. I mastered the Bisquick sausage balls a couple of years ago. The key is the hottest sausage and sharpest cheddar you can find. I made the sausage balls for Easter a couple of years ago and I'm pretty sure they are responsible for my boyfriend falling in love with me. I now call them boyfriend catchers!

I love both of these recipes. They are super simple and both are terrible for you, I am certain. However, they taste delicious, everyone in my family loves them, and they have very fond memories for me. Isn't that what a good recipe is all about?

Nono received this recipe at her bridal shower. I made her repeat it to me for the 100th time this year, but this time as soon as I got back to Chicago I made up a batch. I changed a couple of things to make them wheat/gluten free and GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! You couldn't tell!!!! I wanted to cry tears of joy, but instead I stuffed the entire cookie sheet of cheesy goodness into my mouth. I wanted to share, really I did- I PROMISE, but as soon as Boyfriend and Mr. Miles witnessed my frenzy I think they both ran from the kitchen in fear! I took this picture from the second batch.

Nono's Christmas Morning Cheese Balls

2 (5 oz each) Jars of Kraft Old English Cheese
1 1/4 c. Brown Rice Flour (I used Bob's Red Mill Brown Rice Flour)*
1 stick of butter (at room temperature)
1 egg (you do not need the egg if you use regular wheat flour)
Rattlesnake Dust or Cayenne to taste

Cream the room temperature butter, cheese and egg together. Add the flour and spice. Roll into quarter sized balls, dust with a little more spice if you like (I do!) and chill dough overnight. Bake for 10-12 minutes at 375 degrees. For optimal flavor enjoy on Christmas morning while opening presents!

*If you are using traditional wheat flour you probably need 1 1/3 c of flour and you do not need to add the egg.