Sunday, July 10, 2011

we can dance if we want to

I do NOT have a green thumb. I've never really been able to keep plants alive in my apartment. So I thought I would try out a terrarium. Plus, I love the idea of an apothecary jar as a sweet little plant habitat.

A couple of pieces of beach glass (not visible just to hold down the mesh)
Activated Charcoal

*You could use a layer or rocks here. Basically you need something to keep the charcoal from floating up through the soil like perlite does in a potted plant. I could not find small dark river rocks.

FYI- These two plants are not friends.... one thrived. The other suffered a sad, beautiful death. No really, it was beautiful. The poor plant turned the most gorgeous shade of midnight black. I finally had to pull him out when I gave in to the fact he was dead not just going for "elegant". I think it might have been root rot, don't really know. :)

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