Tuesday, February 21, 2012

before & after: dresser

A couple of years ago a very kind friend gave me this dresser, her mom had artfully painted it when she was a teenager. I really adore the turquoise color it was before, but it had this odd brown glaze that needed to go! Although, I'm sure in the 70's that glaze made the piece. I've considered painting it several different colors over the years. After moving in with the boyfriend magenta was out of the questions!

I'm sure the original wood finish was beautiful as you can see from this blurry picture.

One handle was missing and several of the others were severely bent. After using 3M's green paint stripper to clean up the handles I was able to bend them back into shape with giant pliers + vice grips.

As you can tell I removed the pulls on the two smaller drawers and patched the holes. I wanted to keep as many as possible. Since I was missing one of the smaller ones I found these mother of pearl knobs at Anthropolgie. I feel the Anthro pulls really PULL the piece together. (HAR, HAR, HAR, I soooo funny!)

My sweet Mama gave these to me as a Christmas present after seeing them on one of my Pinterest boards. I also considered these had I gone with a turquoise color, but I thought it need a bigger change.

So there you have it!

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